About Us

Our team was formed with the goal of practising the shift we wanted to see in the web development environment as end-users. We believe that websites or web platforms are the foundation of your online presence; a “signature” of your brand that must leave an impression on the world while also generating revenue for you.

To be the web development company that promotes website development innovation and creativity. The team has been carefully assembled of professionals who are both creative and at the top of their game. When these minds come together to work for a common goal, they have the power to create creativity like never before. This is the attitude that our team aspires to instil around the industry. As a result, the battle isn’t to be the best at web design and creation, but to go above and beyond.

Who we are

We’re a team of thinkers, designers, authors, and engineers who take product and marketing concepts from concept to launch. Our expertise in the tech industry, results-driven strategy, and uncompromising creative process set us apart.

Our company

Wedelo is a creative agency headquartered in London that works with forward-thinking tech companies all over the world. We create products, brands, and websites every day to help our partners stand out, connect with consumers, and grow faster.

What we do

For tech companies, we design and develop award-winning products, brands, and websites. It normally starts with a single project and progresses to us assisting our partners’ product and marketing teams on a regular basis.

“Wedelo is made up of a talented group of people who are passionate about what they do and have a good time doing it. A group of unconventional thinkers who will defy convention, break limits, and take you beyond your comfort zone to a place where the impossible becomes possible.”