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We design and develop mobile apps for customers that go on the App Store and Play Store, built for iOS, and Android. We work with brands and new start-ups to make sense of their goals and simplify the user journey in the mobile apps we design and develop to produce user experiences.

We provide agreat service that will understand your business we get you to join in on the process and design a mobile application that will give you the best chance of success. Our experienced mobile app developers offer a tailored app solution that can be downloaded on mobile phone via deployment to the App Store or via an enterprise account for business use.

Mobile app development projects must be carefully planned out to ensure success. Our app project managers and app developers and designers work closely everyday and always keep clients interests at a high high level. Our applications development team works side by side with our UX and UI gurus to ensure best practices in user mobile experience are always adhered to and our client’s vision is always top of mind.
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1. Planning

You may already have a brief idea in mind on what you’d like your mobile app to do or you may need some assistance in putting a clear concept for your mobile app together.

We’re happy to help from the very beginning or step in at any stage you need us. We can help advise on additional features and functions that will really help capture your audience and keep your business in your audiences mind at all times.

2. UX & Design

We then delve into the mobile application design and put together a static concept design showing you how this would look visually for each page on mobile and tablet devices.

We make sure your designs are consistent with your core brand such as making the colours match to your website design so it gives the same image and feel throughout and go through a design approval process to ensure you are 100% happy before development begins.

3. Development

Mobile App Development is always the most lengthy process with mobile apps as it’s important to ensure it’s going to work great on each native device. We develop for both Android and Apple devices covering all equivalent tablet devices too.

We then carry out in house testing and send over a version to you so you can test your app before launch, if there are any changes required we will get these done for you.

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